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Lynzie Jones

Posted on: 12/08/2015

Finding a doctor that is caring and knowledgeable is crucial for any pregnant woman. Lynzie Jones found this and more through her experience with Dr. Sz-Min Harley and the team at Colorado Complete Health for Women. A high risk patient due to her hypertension, Lynzie was looking for a doctor that could help her understand how to best manage her situation.

“Dr. Harley was always on her game. She helped me better understand her concerns while setting my mind at ease about my own. Any question I had she answered with expertise and clarity.”

Referred to the practice early on, Lynzie was a patient of Dr. Harley’s for eight months of her pregnancy and found her to be a great comfort during her delivery. Taking the time to learn Lynzie’s concerns, Dr. Harley was able to attend to her specific needs during the birth. Her personable and attentive care made Lynzie confident in the decisions made in such an unpredictable and scary time.

“I would recommend anyone to Dr. Harley and am grateful for her commitment to me and my needs as a new mom and patient.”

Posted on: 12/08/2015

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